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Established in September 2015, ESB Commercial Agents Ltd. is a company structured by people carrying over 25 years of experience and expertise around telecommunications and IT sales, service provisioning and development. Our portfolio includes a wide range of advanced networking solutions, telecommunication tools along with state-of-the-art consulting services around any kind of projects requiring IoT, ICT, Electrical Engineering & IT Infrastructure expertise.

We strongly aim integrating our experience, tools and partner network in business strategies that will enable our customers to success in any project of our scope. Finally, we mind supplying our customers with any necessary success components.

We strive to utilise our experience and tools to develop a solid foundation and business success strategy for our customers. Specifically:

- Design project's roadmap.

- Set the processes, tools, and resources.

- Train the organization around project completion.

- Supply any components of the above.

- Evaluate the project continuity.

- Be a part of project completion.

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TO assist you completing any business project respecting your financial and business thresholds